Annual Family Conferences

Angioma Alliance

Angioma Alliance regularly holds family conferences that bring together cavernous angioma experts and affected individuals. Our conferences feature presentations, small group discussions, and opportunities for socializing. The conferences are held in locations around the country to allow as many individuals as possible to attend. The National Patient Conference will be held in early November in Silver Spring, MD.  Click here for last year's full agenda.

You can see all scheduled conferences on our Upcoming Events page.  

Angioma Alliance Canada

Angioma Alliance Canada hosts an annual family conference in Toronto.  For more information, please contact info@angioma.ca or visit their website at angioma.ca

Cavernoma Alliance UK

Cavernoma Alliance UK hosts an annual one-day Forum to bring together affected individuals, their families, and top European and American experts in cavernoma. Since 2007, CAUK has hosted this forum every year during the month of June. 

Cavernoma Alliance UK CaverHubs

Cavernoma Alliance UK hosts many "CaverHubs" during the year. These are half-day programs throughout the UK that feature a distinguished speaker from the local area. To find the schedule of CaverHubs or more information about CAUK's annual forum, please contact Ian Stuart at info@cavernoma.org.uk or visit their website at cavernoma.org.uk

CCM Scientific Meeting

Angioma Alliance hosts an annual Pathobiology of CCM Scientific Meeting. The meeting is open to all interested scientists. This meeting is not open to patients. For more information, please contact Connie Lee at info@Angioma.org.