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For Immediate Release: 9/19/17

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Daughter of Flo Jo to Sing National Anthem


(Mission Viejo, CA) – On Sunday, September 24, hundreds will gather at Flo Jo Park for the inaugural Angioma Alliance Walk and 5K honoring Olympian Florence Joyner, still considered the fastest woman of all time.  Flo Jo passed away from complications related to cerebral cavernous malformation (CCM).  The event will raise awareness of CCM and raise funds for Angioma Alliance, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting people affected by the illness. Flo Jo’s daughter, Mary Joyner, who was eight when Flo Jo passed, will sing the National Anthem.  Mary was a contestant on the 2012 season of America’s Got Talent.


Angioma Alliance is seeking participants, sponsors, donations and volunteers.  Event highlights include raffle, refreshments, kid’s activities and music.  Registration is free.  Raise/donate $35 and you will receive an event t-shirt.  Raise/donate $100 and you will receive a free technical running shirt.  Full details are available at www.tinyurl.com/flojowalk


About Cavernous Angioma

Cavernous angiomas are abnormal mulberry-shaped leaky blood vessels in the brain and spinal cord.  They are also known as cavernous malformations or cavernomas and the condition is referred to as CCM.  Cavernous angiomas can hemorrhage and grow, potentially causing severe neurological deficits, epilepsy, and death. Cavernous angiomas can become active at any age.


Cavernous angiomas can occur either sporadically, or they may be inherited due to a genetic mutation.  An affected parent who has the hereditary form of the mutation has a 50/50 chance of passing the illness on to their children. The only known treatment for cavernous angiomas is brain or spinal cord surgery, but this isn’t an option for everyone.

About Angioma Alliance

Angioma Alliance, founded in 2002, is a national 501c3 nonprofit patient advocacy and research organization whose mission is to inform, support and empower individuals affected by cavernous angioma and drive research for better treatments and a cure.  For more information about Angioma Alliance and cavernous angiomas, visit http://www.Angioma.org.


Interviews Available

Mary Joyner, Angioma Alliance executive staff, volunteers who are personally affected by CCM, and renowned medical experts are available for interviews.