Micro-Grants - Currently Unavailable

Angioma Alliance has provided micro-grants of $5,000-$15,000 for pilot projects and bridge funding. The purpose of this seed grant is to provide funds to researchers to test new hypotheses and generate preliminary data that will facilitate submission of traditional grant applications in one year’s time. Alternatively, funds may be used to bridge a gap between grants received from other entities, such as NIH or international funding agencies. Our first micro-grants were awarded in June, 2016.


To apply for this grant, please submit a letter of intent of no more than 3 pages that includes the following:

  1. Project Description – extensive description of CCM disease history and scientific background is not necessary.
  2. Goals & Success Metrics
  3. Impact – How will the completion of your project affect the Angioma Alliance patient community?
  4. Needs statement/budget – a higher priority will be given to projects that demonstrate a financial need and a realistic budget
  5. Personnel
  6. Timeline – All projects must be completed within a year of receipt of funds.


Angioma Alliance is able to support research with DNA and tissue samples and access to de-identified clinical information.

Grants are offered on a rolling basis throughout the year.


Awards will include up to $15,000 for CCM laboratory research (personnel, equipment, animals, reagents, etc.). Investigator percent efforts are not required. The Angioma Alliance Micro-grant Program does not support Facilities & Administration and/or institutional overhead costs. Funds will be received as a one-time payment. A 1-page report will be required within 12 months of fund disbursement detailing how funds were used including progress of the project. A lay description of the awarded project including progress, but not including unpublished data, will be made public and available to the patient community via Angioma Alliance’s website, Facebook, newsletter, etc. If data generated from this micro-grant is used in a future successful grant application to another entity, please let us know so we may share this information with our donors.


Letters of intent should be submitted via email to Dr. Amy Akers (amy.akers@angioma.org). Please copy Dr. Connie Lee (clee@angioma.org).