Arizona Angioma Community Alliance

Housing for Barrow Neurological Institute

Angioma Alliance has compiled a list of Airbnb properties that are located near Barrow Neurological Institute to supplement housing options offered by the hospital. This listing does not indicate an endorsement of any of the properties.  

Phoenix Airbnb Properties Near BNI

Community Alliance

There is not yet a formal Arizona Community Alliance, but we would love to know if you are interested in joining others to form one!

Visit our Angioma Community Alliance page to learn more about how you can meet others in your area, provide mutual support, organize events, and raise awareness. We need 5 people to get a Community Alliance off the ground. Likely, we already know a few interested members near you!

Please contact Lindsay Ramirez at lindsay@angioma.org to let her know you are interested in participating or if you are interested in holding an event in your community.

In the meantime, please request to join our Pacific Facebook group for peer support and more information about local resources.

Center of Excellence (COE):

Angioma Alliance has recognized the Barrow Neurological Institute as a Center of Excellence

Medical Director:  Dr. Michael Lawton

Medical Co-Director:  Dr. Joseph Zabramski

Phone: 1-866-374-5495

This is a dedicated line for Angioma Alliance patients. Barrow will waive their $100 second-opinion fee if you call them using this number.

For more information about our other Centers of Excellence, please visit our information page.

Last Updated: 5.14.19