Tri-State Angioma Community Alliance

Welcome to the Tri-State Angioma Community Alliance. We are a group of Angioma Alliance members and friends who provide mutual support, reach out to the medical community, and organize events. Geographically, our group includes the greater New York City area, northern New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Kristen Dahlem – Chair

Jessie Siegrist – Vice-Chair

Julie DeMichiel – Treasurer

Mary Garcia Sprague – Events Committee Chair

Lauren Kreager – Outreach and Engagement Committee Chair

To contact us, please email

You can also become a member of our Facebook group to join our group discussion.

Center of Excellence (COE):

Angioma Alliance has recognized Boston Children’s Hospital as a Center of Excellence.

Medical Director and Pediatric Cerebrovascular Neurosurgeon: Edward Smith, MD

Phone: (617) 919-1379

For more information about our other Centers of Excellence, please visit our information page.

upcoming events

Please visit our Calendar for events online and around the country.