2020 Scientific Meeting Format

Virtual Meeting with Pre-Recorded Talks


We understand that virtual meetings are challenging – distractions from home and office can take over a well-intentioned meeting! To get at the heart of what makes the CCM Scientific meeting special, we plan to record all talks so they can be viewed at your convenience ahead of the meeting and to focus our live meeting time on discussion and networking. This will also allow us to condense our meeting time so that we can accommodate international participants.

Recordings of all talks will be available two weeks before the live meeting. Please view the presentations at your convenience before the formal meeting.

The live meeting, held on a virtual video platform, will include scheduled discussions of the prerecorded talks. Speakers and a moderator for each session will join ‘on stage’ to field questions from the audience and engage in conversation.

We have allocated time for face-to-face meetings during the live meeting days, either one-on-one or in small groups. We encourage folks to reach out to one another to ‘meet.’ The virtual platform will include an app to build your personal schedule of discussion sessions and small group meetings.

Last Update 6.9.2020