Abstracts and Privacy


Abstracts for talks (15 minutes) and poster presentations are now being accepted by email. Please submit your word document to amy.akers@angioma.org. Abstracts should describe presentations of new, unpublished, or recently published research data. Presentation topics may describe any project field pertaining to CCM research including, but not limited to – genetics, animal models, proteomics, vascular biology, signaling, clinical, surgery, imaging, etc. Please limit your abstract to 500 words, and include a title and listing of contributing authors.

Abstracts will only be viewed by the meeting organizers; only presentation titles will be made publically available.

Please submit your abstract no later than Monday, September 14th to amy.akers@angioma.org 

Privacy Policy

The CCM Scientific Meeting originally began in 2005 as a ‘workshop’ and informal gathering for researchers to share and discuss unpublished data, and to develop new collaborative efforts to push the limits and pursue new avenues of CCM science.  While the scope and scale of the meeting change from year to year, and especially in the light of a virtual platform, we would like to reiterate to everyone the “workshop ” nature of this very special gathering, and the unique multidisciplinary opportunity to cross germinate ideas and form collaborations. A community of trust and respect for our privacy policy is essential to the success of the CCM Scientific Meeting.

To maintain privacy and encourage presentation and discussion of unpublished data, Angioma Alliance does not publicize written abstracts and it is not permissible to copy or disseminate unpublished data or results presented at this meeting.

The 2020 virtual platform will include prerecorded presentations. These will only be available for viewing by qualified attendees and for a limited time. As is the case for in-person meetings, it is not permissible to record or copy any of the presentations or share unpublished data.

Violations to the privacy policy will be reviewed by the organizing committee and will result in denied Meeting attendance for at least one year.


Last Update 6.9.2020