CCM Research Poster Series

Year-Long Virtual Poster Series with Prize

Instead of an in-person reception and poster session, Angioma Alliance, CAUK, and ECA will host a 2020-2021 CCM Scientific Meeting Virtual Poster Series. This poster series offers an opportunity for trainees and investigators with early-stage projects to share their ideas and receive valuable feedback from audience members.

Who Can Participate?

The success of this series is contingent on participant confidentiality, rigorous participation, and adherence to the Meeting Privacy Policy. We aim to provide a platform for free discussion of unpublished research. This can only be accomplished if we have a trusting community. Access to view and participate in the poster session is restricted by password-protected access and limited by the same eligibility criteria as that for the CCM Scientific Meeting.

Abstract Submission & Scheduling

The Angioma Alliance 2020/2021 CCM Scientific Meeting Poster Series will run quarterly on the following schedule:

Session I – August 31, 2020, Abstracts due by August 7.  Moderator:  Brent Derry

Session II – March 8, 2021, Abstracts due by February 15.  Moderator:  Salim Seyfried
Please submit abstracts to

Session III – May 24, 2021, Abstracts due by May 3.

Session IV – August 30, 2021, Abstracts due by August 2.

The authors selected for the poster session will be notified at least two weeks before the scheduled session.


Poster presentations should include no more than five slides, with a total of 20 minutes for presentation and discussion. Poster Session will present on a Zoom Meeting with all participants viewable by video, voice, and/or chat. We will mute microphones during presentations, but encourage discussion and questions after each poster. Three to five posters will be discussed at each session.


Two trainee travel stipends will be provided for accommodations for the 2021 CCM Scientific Meeting to be held at the Bethesdan Hotel, Bethesda Maryland, on November 11-12, 2021.

After each session, we ask that all attendees and participants complete a scoring rubric. Scores will be totaled, and final award decisions made by the organizing committee. Travel Award recipients will be notified of their selection in September 2021 and will also receive an invitation to speak at the 2021 CCM Scientific Meeting.


Last Update: 1.13.2021