We’re Hiring: Industry Relations Officer

Join our team to change the course of treatment development.

As the Angioma Alliance Industry Relations Officer, you are a scientist and business development professional. You will champion our disease as a treatment target to industry, and you will foster partnerships that lead to clinical trials and approved non-surgical treatments for cerebral cavernous malformations (CCM).


Angioma Alliance was founded in 2002 to inform, support, and mobilize those affected by cerebral cavernous angioma (CCM) and drive research. We are the only patient advocacy organization for this rare disease in the United States. Our work is overseen by a Scientific Advisory Board comprised of national and international scientific and medical experts.


The field of CCM treatments is poised to surge forward. At this time, we have a robust, well-characterized patient base, clear clinical endpoints, and numerous treatment targets with treatment candidates being developed specifically for CCM or available to be repurposed. As part of Angioma Alliance’s science team, you will cultivate a network of CCM treatment developers and pave the way for additional clinical trials.

To do this, working with consultants and our scientific advisors, you will oversee the creation of a white paper that provides market analysis and a high-level roadmap for clinical trials.

You will organize and facilitate expert focus groups to analyze research findings regarding potentially repurposed or new treatments that have been evaluated in CCM pre-clinical studies. With an understanding of the current biotechnology landscape, you will prioritize treatments to pursue.

You will engage in outreach to businesses who have potential treatments in their portfolios to raise awareness of our disease, the applicability of their treatments, the path to trials, and the potential return on investment. You will connect them with academic researchers for additional testing as needed.

You will work with treatment developers and our science team and consultants to create appropriate clinical trial designs and assist developers in overcoming challenges that may present.

You will seek novel paths to trial funding such as engaging in outreach to institutional translational accelerators who may partner to assist in de-risking industry involvement.


1. Doctoral degree in a life science biology field.
2. Three years of institutional technology transfer or pharmaceutical industry success that includes primary involvement in business development. You have been in the room when strategic business decisions were discussed and made.
3.  Patient foundation experience and previous interaction with regulatory agencies are strong pluses.
4. A demonstrated ability to analyze and synthesize data and opinions to formulate novel solutions.
5. Demonstrated group facilitation, written communication, and networking skills.
6. Demonstrated ability to work independently and maintain time management, self-direction, and organization. This is a remote position with a direct supervisor, the Angioma Alliance CEO, located in Virginia. The position will remain remote after the pandemic.


1. This is a full-time exempt telecommuting position with flexible scheduling.
2. After COVID, the position may include overnight travel within the United States, up to 20 days/year.
3. Angioma Alliance offers a competitive salary and benefits package as well as a telecommuting stipend. Salary is commensurate with experience.


Please email the following to Connie Lee at clee@angioma.org. The position will be posted until filled.
• Resume with salary expectations.
• Cover letter explaining your desire to work for Angioma Alliance and why your experience qualifies you for the position.


Updated 3/4/2021