CCM Scientific Meeting

It is the goal of Angioma Alliance to continue to host this annual series in an effort to facilitate scientific progress and drive research for a treatment of CCM.

Please join us for the

16th Anniversary Angioma Alliance

CCM Scientific Meeting

Virtual Meeting

Week of November 9, 2020

The CCM Scientific Meeting is a venue for international stakeholders to assemble, share, and discuss the latest CCM research data. Angioma Alliance’s goal is to continue to host this annual series to facilitate scientific progress.  Even during this COVID Crisis, we aim to bring together the CCM research community in a virtual platform that keeps us all safe, allows for worldwide participation and holds with our workshop-like meeting.

In 2020, we aim to host a virtual meeting where we will continue to share unpublished data, engage in lively discussions, facilitate hypothesis generation, and drive research for a cure for CCM. We are also instituting a quarterly, competitive virtual poster session.

Who may attend?

Attendance at the annual CCM Scientific Meeting is open for those with active CCM research programs (principal investigators, postdoctoral fellows, and students), CCM clinical practice, CCM drug development, and CCM advocacy (e.g., Angioma Alliance board members). Officials from the National Institutes of Health and Food and Drug Administration are also encouraged to attend. Upon registration, attendees will complete an eligibility questionnaire. Final attendance eligibility determinations are subject to decision by the Organizing Committee.

Attendance is limited to the above-described eligibility criteria to protect the confidentiality of unpublished data. Therefore, patients, care providers, and other family members (even those with medical or scientific training) are not allowed to attend scientific sessions.

2018 science meeting attendees
2018 Scientific Meeting Attendees

More Information

For more information, please visit the PAST MEETINGS section and view past meeting agendas that exemplify the broad range of researchers and projects from distinct fields, all of which contribute to a complete understanding of CCM disease biology.

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